Amazon, MFNs, and Second-Best Antitrust

Antitrust advocates are hailing Amazon’s decision to stop requiring third-party sellers to offer products on Amazon at the lowest prices they charge for their products anywhere. But the decision is decidedly second-best: consumers would be much better off were government to regulate Amazon’s fees, and allow the platform to keep those “most-favored-nation” (MFN) rules. The […]

When the Great Progressive Hope Is . . . Neoliberalism

The striking thing about Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to break up big tech is that it fits the Neoliberal deregulatory playbook to a T. From about the mid-1930s to the mid-1970s, roughly a quarter of American economic output, in industries ranging from air travel to natural gas, was subject to a form of regulation that grew […]

Facebook’s Refusal to Deal in Excellence

The emails released last week by a British parliamentary committee, in which Mark Zuckerberg can be read snooping on WhatsApp and approving a policy designed to cripple competition from Twitter, tell much about the shortcomings of antitrust policy today. The emails show that in 2013 Facebook cut off Twitter’s access to its users’ Facebook friend […]