Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract

This review of Storm of Steel, which seems utterly deaf to the spirit of the book, to Junger’s later observation that “[w]hat doesn’t kill me makes me stronger; and what kills me makes me incredibly strong,” in many ways typifies what I find so dismaying about our contemporary culture, and certainly the Vietnam generation.

Self Representation

You draw what you see. And what you see is almost entirely engineered by humans. Therefore, almost all of what you draw is design. We create our own subjects, and then draw them over and again. The same is true, even, of our landscapes, which almost always show lands shaped by cultivation, almost never the […]

Time Heals All Wounds

As the Iraq war was winding down, the same political forces that brought that war into existence tried to shift to what had always been their stage two, which was to attack Iran. By then, however, the Iraq war had been so thoroughly discredited that press and public reacted swiftly and viciously to the attempt […]

Why Progressives Once Fought Tariffs as They Fought Monopolies

The Nineteenth Century understood very well that tariffs have the same effect on consumers as do monopolies. Tariffs prevent foreign competitors from undercutting the prices of domestic companies, because the foreign competitors must now pay the tariffs, and that in turn allows domestic companies to raise prices. It is for this reason that in the […]

Congestion Pricing Is Just the Latest in Progressives’ Betrayal of the Regulatory State

Once upon a time, most ways into New York City were tolled. Then the original progressive movement hit. Progressive economists like Harold Hotelling argued persuasively that because the marginal cost of running another motorist over a bridge was near zero, there was no economic reason for which everyone who wanted to drive over the bridge […]

Climate Change and Nietzschean Entropy

Nietzsche celebrated the exceptional creature, which can evolve only when insulated from competition, from the mob, over millennia. The narrowness of the environment, and the narrowness of the competition, to which that creature is subject induces the focus in adaptation that is the key to greatness. It is the key to Angraecum sesquipedale and Morgan’s […]


“[T]here is a noticeable increase in the amount of charcoal (a proxy for fires) in sediments in the western Pacific Ocean deep sea cores starting 12 to 7 Ma[.]” —GEOL 204 How the reed defeated the oak Is a story you don’t want to hear, If you think that we are a menace, You’ll learn […]