Liberty or Death

The fly behind the window pane,Would seem to struggle free in vain.But struggles only she with me,And does so very powerfully.It’s help she needs from me or death,She lacking human cleverness.But if I fling the door ajar,I now become her avatar.She my queen and I her slave,She my column’s architrave.Could God have made a mind […]

The Vinegar Sea

The jellyfish swims in a vinegar sea, It grateful to me for its acidity. The soil of the tundra now welcomes the worm, Released from the frost that once packed it too firm. Oil men, great powers, and baby gray whales, Rejoice that in winter the arctic now sails. ‘Twixt the short and the long […]


“[T]here is a noticeable increase in the amount of charcoal (a proxy for fires) in sediments in the western Pacific Ocean deep sea cores starting 12 to 7 Ma[.]” —GEOL 204 How the reed defeated the oak Is a story you don’t want to hear, If you think that we are a menace, You’ll learn […]