Realism in Action

A surprising number of Medals of Honor have been awarded for disobeying an order. For example: The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pride in presenting the Medal of Honor (Posthumously) to Technician Fifth Grade Lewis R. Hall, United States Army, for gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond […]

Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract

This review of Storm of Steel, which seems utterly deaf to the spirit of the book, to Junger’s later observation that “[w]hat doesn’t kill me makes me stronger; and what kills me makes me incredibly strong,” in many ways typifies what I find so dismaying about our contemporary culture, and certainly the Vietnam generation.

But Fear Itself

From the pathetic tenor of the American response today, I should think that, if the Russians were in fact not just to scare an American cruiser into slamming on the brakes–itself a shameful thing–but to sink one, that there would be no American military action in retaliation. We would lodge a formal protest. We would […]

Liberty or Death

The fly behind the window pane,Would seem to struggle free in vain.But struggles only she with me,And does so very powerfully.It’s help she needs from me or death,She lacking human cleverness.But if I fling the door ajar,I now become her avatar.She my queen and I her slave,She my column’s architrave.Could God have made a mind […]

The Vinegar Sea

The jellyfish swims in a vinegar sea, It grateful to me for its acidity. The soil of the tundra now welcomes the worm, Released from the frost that once packed it too firm. Oil men, great powers, and baby gray whales, Rejoice that in winter the arctic now sails. ‘Twixt the short and the long […]

Self Representation

You draw what you see. And what you see is almost entirely engineered by humans. Therefore, almost all of what you draw is design. We create our own subjects, and then draw them over and again. The same is true, even, of our landscapes, which almost always show lands shaped by cultivation, almost never the […]